After Laser Hair Removal: What Not To Do


You might have been nervous about your laser hair removal appointment, but you got through it with flying colors. It's important to keep in mind that for most people this appointment was just the first in a series that will eventually leave you without any bothersome hair in the area that you're having treated. This means that you need to avoid certain practices that could irritate your skin or make future treatments less effective. Check out this list of things not to do until after your treatment (and final recuperation period) is done at a place like Jordan Valley Dermatology.

Don't Sunbathe

You might be looking forward to being able to sunbathe without shaving, waxing or otherwise preparing your body for a bathing suit, but wait: While you're still undergoing laser hair removal treatment, exposing your skin to the sun without sunscreen is a big no-no. There are two reasons for this.

The first is that in the period immediately following your laser hair removal your skin is likely to be sensitive. A sunburn at this point could be very painful, and you may burn more quickly in that area than you usually do.

The second is that in order for the laser to remove hair effectively your skin needs to be as light as naturally possible, and your hair needs to be as dark as naturally possible. Sunbathing both darkens skin and lightens hair, which makes it difficult for the laser to remove those particular hairs. Sunbathing now will reduce the efficacy of future treatments.

Don't Get Out the Tweezers

In the next week or two, you'll notice lots of tiny dots that look like stubble. Don't panic, and do not reach for the tweezers! This is a normal part of the process. As hair follicles are destroyed by the laser, the unformed hairs in them will need to come out via your skin. This process is called "shedding," and while it looks alarming, be assured that all of these little dots are from hair follicles that will no longer be producing hair.

Since tweezing can not only hurt your skin but can also remove hairs that should be targeted and removed by the laser during your next treatment, it's not advised to use them at all in the treatment area. Instead, exfoliate gently with a damp washcloth. Within a few days, those little dots will be gone and your skin will be smoother.

Don't Forget to Mention Medications That You're Taking

If you need to take any medication, call your laser hair removal specialist and let him or her know. Why? Various medications can make your hair more sensitive or make you more likely to bruise or have other complications. Your medical needs must come first, so if you are placed on certain antibiotics, blood thinners or other medications, you might need to postpone your next laser hair removal appointment.

The good news is that the hair that has already been removed is permanently gone, so while extending the length of time between your appointments will make your treatment last longer, it won't have any impact on the effectiveness of previous treatments. Go ahead and take a hiatus, then return to your laser hair removal treatment when you're ready.

Having laser hair removal done can boost yourself esteem, smooth out your morning routines and make you feel great. Just keep in mind that you do need to follow the pointers above in order to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment. Your specialist will give you a list of dos and don'ts, so be sure to follow them carefully. In a matter of months, you could be hair-free and loving it!


2 October 2015

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