5 Tips For Dry Brushing Around Moles


Dry brushing has many benefits, both for your skin and your overall health. Dry brushing involves running a brush with stiff bristles in long, sweeping motions over large sections of your skin, towards your lymph nodes. However, if you have moles, acne, or other skin conditions, you may have to alter your method of dry brushing to protect the sensitive areas of your skin. Below are five tips to follow if you have moles and want to give dry brushing a try. 

Brush Around Your Moles 

In general, you will want to avoid your moles when you are dry brushing. Freckles and some type of flat moles can be brushed over, but it is best to consult your doctor before you begin brushing these areas of skin. 

To avoid your raised moles, you may want to purchase a smaller brush. Holding the brush by the head as opposed to a long handle can also give you more control. Begin by using long, sweeping strokes around the mole. As you get closer to the mole, switch to short strokes or a circular pattern. To get the benefits of dry brushing, you do not have to brush extremely close to the mole. For a fast brushing session, leaving an inch of space to avoid irritating your mole should be fine. 

Get A Friend To Help 

If you have moles on your back or another hard-to-reach spot, you may need a friend to help you with brushing that area. A significant other, parent, or roommate are all good choices, but it is a good idea to ask the same person to regularly assist you so they can let you know if they notice any changes in your moles. 

When having someone help you, it is important to communicate with them about which pressure and stroke style feels invigorating but not painful. You can brush the areas of your skin that do not have moles or are easy to reach and then ask for help. Keep in mind that to get some benefits, you can brush accessible areas everyday and only brush the areas you need help with occasionally. 

Check Your Moles For Changes 

Dry brushing once or twice a day provides an excellent opportunity for you to examine your moles. You should know how many moles you have and what shape, size, and height they are. If you notice that they change in size, shape, or color, you should see your dermatologist immediately to have them checked for cancer. 

If You Tear A Mole, Use An Adhesive Bandage

If you accidentally brush over a raised mole with a dry brush, you can cause the mole to tear and bleed. Most of the time, you can simply put an adhesive bandage over the mole to prevent further tearing. However, if a large amount of the mole is torn, if there is excessive bleeding, or if the mole is painful, you should consult with your dermatologist immediately. 

Consult Your Dermatologist 

If you have a large number of moles, you should consult your dermatologist before you begin dry brushing. They can recommend a specific brush for you to use and teach you appropriate techniques for avoiding your moles. If they do not think that dry brushing is for you, they can offer alternative methods of skin care with similar benefits.

Additionally, you should consult with your dermatologist any time you notice a change in your moles or the addition of new moles. 

Having moles or similar skin conditions should not prevent you from enjoying the benefits of dry brushing. However, it does mean that you may have to brush more slowly and carefully than those who do not have moles to avoid. For more information, contact a local dermatology clinic or visit sites like http://www.dermsurgctr.com


20 October 2015

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