3 Ways To Protect Yourself From UV Radiation After Skin Cancer Removal Surgery


If your doctor has discovered melanoma or another form of skin cancer on your body and you need it surgically removed, your aftercare is just as important as the skin cancer treatment surgery itself. Caring for your skin and protecting it from the sun can help quicken the healing process and reduce the likelihood of scarring. However, wearing sunscreen over surgical incisions typically isn't recommended by doctors. Here are three other ways to protect your skin from the sun while you heal.

UPF Clothing

You've probably heard of sunscreens offering protection in the form of an SPF rating, which stands for sun protection factor. UPF stands for UV protection factor, which measures exactly how much radiation can make it through to your skin.

Many companies now manufacture clothing that's designed to protect you from ultraviolet rays. You can buy shirts, pants, sleeves, and scarves that provide excellent UV protection, without having to completely cover up in dark, heavy clothing. Since many UPF clothes are made out of fabrics that filter UV radiation naturally, many of them are available in white or other bright colors.


In the old days, many people used umbrellas (also known as parasols) to shield themselves from the sun. Using an umbrella casts a dark shadow around you that filters out both heat and UV radiation, making it a good choice for anyone recovering from skin cancer surgery.

If you want to have full protection, you should choose an umbrella that has a high UPF rating, just like UPF clothing. However, some umbrellas don't measure how much light they filter. If you can't find one with a rating, stick to dark umbrellas that cast a dark shadow on the ground when exposed to bright light. Pair these with UPF clothing for best results, since you don't know how much UV is filtered out by an unrated umbrella.

Sun Shields

Lastly, don't mistakenly think that being indoors makes you safe from UV radiation. UV rays can penetrate through glass in both cars and buildings, making it dangerous even when you're inside.

To protect yourself from UV radiation coming through glass, consider sun shields. Sun shields are commonly manufactured to be stuck to the inside of windows in cars, but you can also purchase a variant of them for standard glass that's like a thin film that can be applied to glass. These shields help to filter out excess UV radiation and protect you and your skin while you're inside.

UV radiation is dangerous, both as a potential cause of skin cancer but also as something that can make it harder to recover from surgical incisions. If you're having a skin cancer removed, these tips can help to protect your incision and reduce the risk of developing a new skin cancer in the future.


22 September 2017

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